Insert not working in excel right click. Solved

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Recently  I faced a peculiar problem with my excel sheets.
I was not able to insert columns and rows in the sheet in any way.
Yes in right click option of mouse the insert option was disabled.
This generally happens when you open a protected worksheet for example ITR form provided by Income Tax Dept of India.

After going through a number of options i came across the below mentioned technique to get it rectified in easy manner. So just follow the method.

First of all, Save and Close all the workbooks which are open.

Click on Windows Start Button at the bottom left corner, and then type "run"

without quotes in the "search program and files" and enter.

Now copy and paste
in the space provided and click OK button.

Now a directory will open 

Rename the file: Excel**.xlb --> Excel**.old or you may also delete it as in both cases Excel will recreate a fresh setting file of the same name)

This method is already tested by me and one can apply it easily.

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