Majerhat Flyover Collapse Traffic Guidelines for All

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Because of recent collapsing of a 66-foot deck of Majherhat Bridge or Majerhat Flyover on 4th of September 2018 the entire South Kolkata is severely suffering from the traffic conditions.
This bridge is the connecting link for diamond harbour and collapsing resulted in the sudden diversion of the traffic to other routes. So Kolkata Traffic Police updated the traffic guidelines for a smoother flow. Please have a look at below.

Majerhat Bridge
Majerhat Bridge Collapsed. Night Job at full swing

Traffic Guidelines and Advisory in view of Majerhat Flyover Collapse

1. Behala bound buses and other vehicles availing D.H. Road from Hastings crossing will
be diverted via Khidderpore crossing – CGR Road – Hide Road – Brace Bridge –
Taratala Road – Taratala crossing further South.

2. North bound vehicles of D.H. Road will be diverted from Taratala crossing via
Taratala Road – Brace Bridge – Hide Road - CGR Road - Hastings crossing.

3. All Behala bound vehicles availing Alipore Road will be diverted via Judges Court
Road or Standel Road – D.H. Road – Garden Reach Flyover / Remount Road.

4. City-bound vehicles from Budge Budge area will be diverted from Jinjira Bazar
crossing via Taratala Road – Brooklyn Road – Garden Reach Flyover – Remount Road
– D.H. Road.

5. Vehicles flow along N.R. Avenue will be tidal in the following manner:-
i) From 06.00 hrs. to 13.00 hrs – East Bound
ii) From 13.00 hrs to 22.00 hrs. – West Bound
iii) From 22.00 hrs. to 06.00 hrs.(the following morning) – Both Bound

6. No Goods Vehicle will be allowed to ply from 06.00 hrs. to 23.00 hrs. along the
following thoroughfares:-
i) CGR Road
ii) Taratala Road
iii) Hide Road
iv) Sahapur Road
v) Alipore Station Road
vi) Tollygunge Circular Road
vii) DPS Road
viii) Prince Anwar Shah Road
ix) NSC Bose Road
x) Alipore Road
xi) Belvedere Road
xii) D.H. Road

7. Tram service will be totally suspended along CGR Road – D.H. Road & Judges Court

8. No Goods Vehicle coming from 24-Pgs (South) area via D.H. Road and Budge Budge
Trunk Road and from Howrah Commissionerate area via 2nd Hooghly Bridge will be
allowed to enter Kolkata from 06.00 hrs. to 23.00 hrs.

One can download the same from the link provided.

Be safe and had a safe journey.

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Hello Friends,

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Thanks and Regards


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