Diary of Shortcuts for different resources which one should bookmark to boost productivity

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Keyboard Shortcuts
Everyone wants to do their job in ease and at faster speed. Most will try to go for shortcuts and those who masters in that are the real heroes. Here in today's blog post i will give you all a list of links for most common shortcuts used at different resources which one should bookmark.

1. Chrome Shortcuts

2. Mozilla Firefox Shortcuts

3. Internet Explorer Shortcuts

4. Opera Browser Shortcuts

5. Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

6. Windows 7 Keyboard Shotcuts

7. Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

8. Gmail Shortcuts

9. Outlook.com Shortcuts

10. Yahoomail Shortcuts

11. Microsoft Excel Shortcuts

12. Microsoft Word Shortcuts

13. Adobe Acrobat Shortcuts

14. VLC Player Shortcuts

15. Windows Media Player Shortcuts

16. Dropbox Shortcuts

17. Facebook Shortcuts

If you too had some other shortcuts please let me know, i will add that in this list.

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