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Teaching the world to tie knots since 1993! Featuring easy to follow knot tying illustrations and animated knots for tying over 140 of the best knots.
NetKnots has the most Fishing Knots on the internet! From the Alberto Knot to the World's Fair Knot and everything in between, you will find the right fishing knot to get you fishing confidently. And they have over 60 essential rope knots, from the Alpine Coil to the Zeppelin Bend, you should be able to find the right knot for the job here and learn to tie it right.
All of  knots are both illustrated with step by step instructions and animated for you to sit back and watch the knot tie itself. You can pause and rewind the animation while you practice tying the knot.
Be sure to check out their new sections for tying necktie knots, fashion scarf knots and even how to fold pocket squares! Enjoy!

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