Diary of Unusual Physics Articles which hardly anyone knows

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There are almost 5 million articles in the English Wikipedia. These are the ones that Wikipedians have identified as being a bit unusual. These articles are verifiable, valuable contributions to the encyclopedia, but are a bit odd, whimsical, or something you would not expect to find in Encyclopædia Britannica.
Colors of noiseIncluding whitepink, purple, blue...
David HahnA 17 year-old, known as the Radioactive Boy Scout, who irradiated his back yard attempting to build a nuclear breeder reactor from spare parts.
Demon coreA two-time radioactive killer.
Fictional elements, isotopes and atomic particlesNot actual periodic elements. Many end in '-ite'. Some of the elements may indeed be minerals.
Flying ice cubeThey happen to live inside the computers of scientists trying to simulate molecules.
The HumA phenomenon involving a persistent and invasive low-frequency noise of a humming character and unknown origin, not audible to all people, reported in various geographical locations.
List of unusual units of measurementFortnights and nibbles, super feet and Sagans.
Magic smokeAn alternative theory of integrated circuits: once the smoke is released they no longer work.
Oh-My-God particleProof that Physicists have a dramatic flair.
Pauli effectSomething in the lab not working? Technical difficulties? Blame this guy.
Quantum suicide and immortalityAn infinite number of parallel universes means that any one person will always live forever.
Ranque-Hilsch vortex tubeWhat happens when you blow in a hole in a tube? Hot air comes out one end and cold air comes out the other. No consensus reached on why it happens yet.
Smootstrange unit of distance used to measure the Harvard Bridge.
Sound of fingernails scraping chalkboardUrrrgggh!
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