Creating Fake Facebook Wall is now left hands work.

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Charles Darwin died a century ago but still he is alive with his thoughts and with these facebook status. You might have came across these type of updates in your wall sometimes. These can be easily made with the help of

In a nutshell, The Wall Machine is a user-friendly web tool that makes creating fake facebook walls as easy as pie. Its WYSIWYG interface allows the customization of all wall elements: profile owner’s picture, status, comments, time, likes, etc. The idea behind The Wall Machine is to provide everyone, especially those with no photoshop skills, with an easy-to-use tool to create fake and funny facebook walls. Now we bear witness to the burgeoning of a new funny and surreal world. It is no longer surprising to stumble upon Justin Bieber bragging about his new album and being liked by Mozart, or else Barack Obama friending Osama Bin Laden...

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