Wanna send online letters converted to Physical Letters

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L-Mail is a website primarily for those who want to send physical letters to someone around the world at reasonably low cost.
L-Mail will benefit your business.
Two people exchanging letters
Send clients personalised letters.
Save on International postage charges.
Easy, fully supported, integration options.
Automate as much or as little as you wish.
Manage your mailing lists.
Remove the hidden costs in sending printed letters. There are no stationery bills and no queues at the Post Office.
Bulk mailing discounts.
Show your clients you care.

It's fun. It's versatile. It's easy. With our 30 overseas printing locations L-Mail is often faster than traditional mail...by days! Keep in touch with friends or family without e-mail. Its easy to use and fun. 
• You can write a letter from any web browser or your email account worldwide. 
• Simple secure payment by credit/debit cards.
• They print and post your letters for you. 
• Say goodbye to queuing at the post office.
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