Snaggy lets you to copy paste images online

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What is snaggy?
Snaggy is an image host that lets you paste images from your clipboard directly online.  Any kind of image, from raw data to URL paths, can be pasted in one step. Snaggy also has a simple built-in editor you can use before you share your image. 

Why was it made?
Sharing screenshots has always been a big hassle: you have to press print-screen, then paste it into an image editor, then save the image to your local hard drive, then browse for it and upload it.  This was always an annoyance, so snaggy was made to simplify the process into a single step.  Since then it has saved a lot of time, so made it public so that everyone can benefit from it. 

What is it used for?
Here are some suggested ways to use snaggy:
Show a friend a work-in-progress drawing.  Copy a selection in the program you are drawing in, and then paste it to snaggy.
Are you trying to troubleshoot a computer problem?  Copy any error message windows by clicking on them and pressing alt + print-screen.  Paste the result to snaggy to show others the exact message.
Found a hilarious or stupid comment on Youtube or Facebook? Share it with your friends by pressing print screen, pasting it in snaggy, and then using snaggy's editor to crop the comment, make annotations, and to cross out people's names.
FTFY: if you want to edit a new copy of an image you see on snaggy, just click the "remix this image" link at the top and edit your own version.

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