Terrorists perfect tool for Communication- privnote

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You always want to send some messages that the person intended will read it one time and the very next time it should get vanished or destroyed so that no one else can read it. Today i am going to tell you about one such website which will give you the chance to send notes to your near and dear ones. Once it get read, it will destroy it.

Privnote is a free web based service that allows you to send top secret notes over the internet.

It's fast, easy, and requires no password or user registration at all. Just write your note, and you'll get a link. Then you copy and paste that link into an email (or instant message) that you send to the person who you want to read the note. When that person clicks the link for the first time, they will see the note in their browser and the note will automatically self-destruct; which means no one (even that very same person) can read the note again. The link won't work anymore. You can optionally choose to be notified when your note is read by leaving your email and a reference for the note.
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