Converting attached files in Gmail to pdf using Google Scripts and Docs- help

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In last post titled Convert files to   we get the email attachments converted to pdf by sending an email to  . Suppose instead of sending an email to your very own gmail id. 
For eg. your email Id is and you send your mail to to convert the attached file to pdf. One advantage of using this is that you don't have to remember that email ID of 

Requirements: Google ID
Considering email ID as

Step1: Create a New Label named as "Converted PDF"

New Label- Converted PDF
Step2: Create a new filter with

Creating Filter

Step3: Apply the new label "Converted PDF" to the new filter.

Created Filter with new label applied

Step4: Make a new copy of this google spreadsheet by in your Google Sheets and type as shown in pic. After that Setup Auto-Forwards as described step wise in sheet.
Google Sheet

Step5: Setup complete . So whenever you send an email with attachment to "" (here UserID assumed as "xyz") you will get a mail from with your attachment converted to pdf.

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